Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Wikia is a like wikipedia, but not. I don't quite understand how it's different, but it's another place on the internet where you can find informaiton about Mokpo, like:

  • Mokpo is located on the southwestern tip of Korea in the province of Jeollanam-do.
  • Area: 47.24 km²
  • Population: 245,482(2001)
  • Pop. density: 5,196.5 people/km²
In fact that's all the information that you can find, making it as useful as...well nothing. It has less information than Wikipedia's Side Bar on Mokpo. It does have a list of foreigners with cyworld blogs and foreigners with non-cyworld blogs but nothing that's not being done already at Galbijim, The Korean Blog List, and everywhere else on the Internet.

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Brian said...

Wikia's a weird site. One of the guys who started Galbijim, "mithridates," also started the Korea Wikia site way back when, but most of the content hasn't been worked on in about two years. It was an ambitious project, as you can see by the huge template on the Mokpo page (but no content). It looks like it is just used for collecting spam now.