Wednesday, November 7, 2007

School Festivals

School festivals are a staple of Korean student life, premises for Korean romantic comedies and a usual topic for expat bloggers. (Jeonnam Jeil is no exception) The festivals are usually day long events, organised by the students for the glory of performing in front of the school principal. The other students and teachers are invited to attend as well, but really if you've seen one festival you've kind of seen them all. There's the recognizable elements, like the school band or even the taekwando team demonstrations, but then there's the uniquely Korean elements, like the cross-dressing dance off set to the music of the latest girl band:

In fact it seems like it's a crucial part of Korean identity to (publicly) dance to sugar pop songs, as seen by this:

And this:

And even this:

It's easy to start up your own Wonder Girl tribute dance group thanks to the Internet and the original, karaoked version:

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