Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Korea Police

There's an unfortunate stereotype that the police in Korea are corrupt, inefficient and just plain slow. The stereotype is apparently live and well; Micheal Williams (The Metropolitician) got arrested for reporting harassment to the police. His exchange (in Korean) was recorded and in the comments he warns:

And if you're a foreigner, document, record, grab witnesses, and make sure your ass is covered. Imagine last night WITHOUT conversational Korean skills?
I'm one of the foreigners who has no conversation skills and unfortunately would be utterly useless; I wouldn't even think to record the incident.

It's funny how this incident contradicts the official policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Of course a little digging gives us this gem from the FAQ:
I want to report a foreigner for misconduct (sex trade and trafficking, or gambling).

If you witness an incident involving a foreigner or know an foreigner who was involved in misconduct(sex trade and trafficking, gambling) you can report that matter to cyber 112 center of Seoul metropolitan police agency, visit the nearest police station or call 112 on your phone.

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