Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV Ngels

TvNgels and is kind of the like a Korean version of wet t-shirt olympics. Its premise is a game show where a group of competing, often bikini-clad Korean women take turns trying to seduce a male victim. If the men are seduced then, apparently, a siren will flash and the victim gets a bucket of water dumped onto his head. Westerners (or at least those that laugh up with MTV) will find the entertainment value of this gem some where in between a lame fear factor episodes and an Axe commercial. Take for instance, the opening ceremonies aptly titled "Ngels dance to 'Sex Bomb' as school girls"

Or this epic battle between Japan and Korea in the Sexy & Cute Dance:

Of course I'm not the first to make this discovery; A Geek in Korea has done more reasearch:
The male stars are hooked up to heart monitors and monitoring devices, and when they reach certain points, or break eye contact, they have cold water dumped on their heads. The women dress up in various costumes and put on an elaborate show to get one of the two male stars to break these rules. One of the men that have to endure the woman’s shows is from Japan, the other from Korea. The hosts are a Korean man, and a woman that can also speak Japanese.

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