Friday, October 12, 2007

Fat Korean Kids

For the past couple of years there's been an increase in high stress and American food in Asian teens and it's not good. Basically the Korean kids are getting fatter:

During high school over-indulgence in hamburgers, hot dogs, cola, and other high-calorie fast foods and sodas is frequent but there is another result. A person from the Ministry of Education said, “this can also be accounted for by the fact that as students progress through high school they are trapped in the competition to enter college and they find it difficult to get enough exercise.”

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alex said...

I doesn't help that the school provided micro-wave hamburgers (McDonald's style) to them in the school 매점 for low-low prices...and actually prohibits them from leaving the campus to get food. Too bad if they don't like kimchi and fried-shit with a side-dish of starch-rice from the cafeteria.

And you should talk to the grade 3's in highschool...they lose out on half their gym times for study periods, and prior to exams and practice-SAT's, they're often forced to relinquish their gym classes.