Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The closest Starbucks to Mokpo is (sadly, but also conveniently) in Kwangju, right next to the Kwanju bus terminal in the 신세계 (aka Shinsaegyae) department store. The favorite one is in Chungjangno. That Starbucks is the one that is everybody knows as "Shinae YMCA" or "next to the book store" or "across the street from Outback." I'm guessing that's it's also the source for Starbucks Ambiance Sound Recording #1 and #2, courtesy of the tweeterdj at the free sound project. And most Mokponians ignore the third store since the other two are closer to shopping & mass transportation.

Funny enough the lack of readily available Starbucks in Mokpo has turned me off of drinking there. I tried to find alternatives but the drink equivalents are often too sweet or too homo-milky for my taste; Mokpo is a place where soy milk is sold in children drinking boxes but not as a milk alternative for coffee.
After roughly six months of creamer disappointment, I actually came up with my own chocolate soy latte (with a hint of cinnamon) drink for the cold Korean mornings. It's the one thing that I did that can compete with resident super chef, Rachel. (No last name--that's how super chef she is).

The actual Starbucks experience here in Korea is the same as back home. They have soy milk, they have the same promotional drinks, and they have the same prices. And as Rachel put it:

It's not about trying new things; it's about getting the same drink, the way you love it, everywhere you go in the world.
I'd like to see that as a thought on a Starbucks cup.

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