Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Galbijim is one of many Korea for Foreigners sites on the net and it's managed by the people at Korea Beat. It contains the usual blogs and forums, but it also contains a wiki. I'm a big fan of wikis (everything I know I learned from wikipedia) so I'm excited to find one that's Korean centric and has entries for Mokpo.

Unfortunately some of the links are dead so I'm wary about the viability of the site. After poking around it seems like the problems come from the site not being configured properly and since its Recent Changes still shows some activity I guess that they are still in the middle of setting things up; feel free to volunteer your knowledge since they're still looking for more articles.

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gyesipan said...

Hi, this is Brian (Smee). You've got an excellent site here. I just wanted to mention that Galbijim was switching servers, so it was down for about a week. It looks like all the links are working now.

You have lots of information on Mokpo. Would you be interested in putting some stuff up on the Mokpo page? As you can see, we're pretty hurtin for first-hand knowledge of Jeollanam-do.