Monday, June 25, 2007

Mokpo Maps

Maps are super neat if you're new to a country and you can't speak the language. And by super neat, I mean bloody essential.

Google, Yahoo, Mapquest are the first places I normally use but a search on those sites tells us that Mokpo has yet to acquire the concept of roads; even Tour2Korea doesn't list Mokpo with the other city maps. Alternatively, there are the satellite views, a mix of snap shots between 2003 and 2007, or the GPS systems that you'll sometimes find in taxi cabs, but so far the closest thing there that a foreigner can use is the little tourist pamphlet (published by Beetle Maps and scanned by Brent) that most of us got in our welcome to Mokpo package. Additional pamphlets can be found free of charge at any of the tourist information kiosks peppered throughout the city.

But that's not quite the end of it. Of course Brent's map is great, but it's slightly Brent specific. For the rest of us, the map is now officially online and updated and (apart from the fact that if you know enough Korean it's also interactive) is completely printable with either Korean, English, or even with no labels.

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