Thursday, June 21, 2007

전남 제일 고등학교

The Jeonnam Jeil High School, (formerly known as Mokpo Commercial High School) has a mailing address:

Jeonnam Jeil Godeung Hakkyo
937-1 Yongdang-Dong, Mokpo-Si, Jeollanam-Do
Republic of Korea
as well as a more traditional mailing address:
전라남도 목포시 용당동 937-1 번지
with the following phone numbers:
Fax (팩스)061-277-7088
Administrative (행정실)061-278-5121
School Affairs (교무실)061-277-7082, 7083
Principal's Office (교장실)061-277-7081
and a map/satellite view.

Of course it is also blessed with a small corner of the Internet at that also hoasts the school's photo album and (more importantly) lunch menu.

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TRACY said...

is this a hint to send you boka burgers? can you receive packages there?