Friday, June 22, 2007

Hangul on English Computers

Before figuring out how to type Hangul you may notice that your computer doesn't display Hangul properly. If you navigate to Korean site (say a certain high school's website) and you see Hangul then you have nothing to worry about; if you see garbage characters, like "Àü³²Á¦ÀÏ°í" then you have a problem. This site solves that problem, but only for the web pages.

On occasion I need Hangul for Korean applications; without the language support I get pop-ups and windows with garbled character that consist mostly of question marks. There is way but it's useless to me since I have the wrong operating system. This note from a Microsoft help site tells me how to change the language on Vista, but it's only viable for Vista Ultimate and Vista Enterprise. I have Vista Home Premium and I'm screwed. And apparently so are others.

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