Monday, December 17, 2007

Stalking Koreans with Naver

Brian, over at Brian in Jeollanam-do, has a found a fun way to stalk people. Using Naver People search you can search for people with the following criteria:

  • Name (이름)
  • School (출신학교)
  • Birthplace (출생지)
  • Job (직업)
  • Organization (소속기관)
The school option is an interesting one but I don't quite understand the results. The famous alumni at 전남제일고등학교 includes only 5 people while the list of famous alumni at 전라남도목포상업고등학교 omits its most honored son, Kim Dae Jung, class of 1943.

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Brian said...

You can also get a list of notable people with your blood type.