Thursday, December 6, 2007

Candy in the Classroom

Given that we're glorified babysitters each English teacher is going to reach a point in their teaching career where they want to reward (or need to bribe) student participation in class. This method of classroom management is controversial in itself, but a Geek in Korea has noted how this can backfire in a Korean context:

My Canadian coworker has gotten himself in a bit of a pickle. Ever since he returned from Canada, he has been giving out candy to younger students before their classes start to earn their favor. This has, of course, blown up in his face, as the students walk into the room, demand candy, then call him a cheap man if he doesn’t have anything to give them. I get left alone as a surly curmudgeon that hates candy, gum, and all things sweet most of the time. Lucky me.
I enjoy being the surly curmudgeon too, especially when you realise how it could really backfire.

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