Monday, December 3, 2007

Mokpo's Novelty Plane

It's been well documented that I'm a map nerd. When I first got to Mokpo I immediately set about using Google's Satelitte photos to compensate for the touristy map that I was given:

View Larger Map

Thanks to great Korean Internet Controversy I took the effort to learn some Korean (via my language tools) and I've managed to move away from my Google maps and fully embrace Naver maps. But Graham over The Scroll of Bifurcating Considerations has found what I thought was too nerdy to talk about: The Novelty Plane. While it's old news to me (Google maps tells me that I found it June 2nd), Graham goes for gold with his analysis:

These measurements put it WELL within the realm of a normal jet airliner. The length is consistent with the larger models of the Boeing 767, as is the fuselage. What I haven't been able to match to my liking is the wingspan; 134ft for a 201ft long plane is a bit short. That gives this a wing:length ratio of about 2/3 (.0667). Most jet airliners I looked at have a ratio closer to .8333. So, the mystery lives on. What jet has these specifications? and more importantly, why is it perched on top of a building?


Graham said...

YES! My first blog to blog action! It had me going for awhile, until I finally came across the slew of testamonials about other airplane cafes. Oh well, twas fun while it lasted. And by the way, I love your blog; good assortment of things, and pings, and tips and things.

Dennis Teegardin Jr said...

Well by the shadows and the placement, it is obvious that that is someones home or a museum of some type. Note the lack of Engine cowlings and Horizontal Stabilators, and the fact that it is placed precisely withing the boundaries of the lot. Also note that the buildings cuts into the aft and fore of the fuselage

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