Friday, December 7, 2007

The Money in ESL/EFL

Teaching Kimchi has another nice table comparing ESL salaries and whatnot from a collection of countries:

CountryMonthly Salary (USD)InsuranceFlightHousingSeverance
Dubai$3,200-5,000NoYearly Return AirfareFree and FurnishedNo
Taiwan$3,000-4,000Depends on programNoFree not furnishedNo
Korea$2,000-2,300Depends on your salaryRoundtripFurnished Apt.One month salary after contract
Japan$2,000Depends on programRoundtripDepends on programExtended holidays
Thailand$800-1,000Depends on programRoundtripDepends on programDepends on school
Russia$900NoRoundtripFree and furnishedNo
China$400-550NoDepends on lengthFree and furnishedOne month salary
Vietnam$370DependsDepends on lengthFree local foodNo

One thing that is lacking is adjustments for the cost of living. For example, the cost of eating in Dubai is $450 US per month but in Taiwan it's around $140 US (NT$150 x 30 days) and in Korea it's around $270 per month.

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Korea Jim said...

Taiwan actually pays about half of that as Korea, it’s cheaper to live. Some schools do pay more, however they need the teacher to have experience in Taiwan. I have a friend of mine in Dubai who is getting about $3000 US a month. It is very difficult to find a job that pays more than $4000 unless you have your PhD. Japan pays about $3000 USD but you must find your own housing. I worked in Thailand for a year, 3 years ago at an international school. I was paid about $1500 a month, but I know people who got more. China now pays more like $750 now. There money is increasing and pay is rising, but depends on where you live. Vietnam, not too sure but I have heard of people getting over $1000 a month.