Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Super Junior: Full House

I know the folks back home who read my blog (both of them) are really diggin the Korean TV. So another good example of the stereotypical K-TV programming is Super Junior's one of many reality shows, Super Junior: Full House:

Two female international students - the Russian and partly Polish intern Anna (20 y.o), and the half-English and half-Japanese intern Eva (25 y.o) - arrive to Seoul, South Korea to do a homestay with Super Junior for a month. Living with Super Junior, the two foreign students experience the comedic adventures with the group and develop deep friendships.
Now given North American sensibilities it may be hard to believe that "comedic adventures" and "develop deep friendships" lacks any trace of irony. The members of Super Junior are bred and raised to be as safe and appealing as possible; it would be a mistake to simply call Super Junior an Asian Backstreet Boys clone since there's an industrial replaceable cog like quality that I've only seen in Menudo, the Latino boy band that has managed to survive for 20 years. The current generation also has its own reality show). Take this 2007 music video, wonderfully translated for karaoke by Cherry Blossom Heaven:

So without further ado I present Super Junior: Full House, online and with English subtitles:

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