Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extending the E-2 Visa in Mokpo

I'm in a situation where my work visa will expire before my contract. This isn't anything new and is easily fixed by getting a short term visa extension. With the new E-2 regulations rumours were abound that I would have to jump through more hoops (i.e. HIV tests, etc.) for what amounts to an extra week of legal residency. But contrary to those rumours and the nice summary from What a Korea the E-2 extension process is easy and didn't I need:

...to apply for the Criminal Background Check Record in advance and have the document ready. The time required in receiving a Criminal Background Check Record varies from country to country. The Criminal Record notarized by either the Korean Consulate (Canadian citizens) or the Apostille (all other citizens) needs to have obtained within the past 90 days. Therefore, too early application will not work.
Of course I'm willing to bet Mokpo has that small town factor in full effect -- the same small town factor that lets five on-duty policemen learn ultimate frisbee from a bunch of waygooken on a sunny weekend. Seriously. True story.

Anyway, the process at 광주출입국관리사무소 (aka Gwangju Chulibgukgwanri Samuso), the Gwangju Immigration Office (Mokpo Branch Office) took no more than 15 minutes; I did it by myself and all I needed was my passport, my ARC, a form filled out on the spot, and a printout of my plane e-ticket. They gave me a new stamp in my passport so now I'm good to hang around for the Jeju Ultimate Frisbee Tournament:


Kelsey said...

Where is the Mokpo branch office?

adrin said...

Great effort.

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