Monday, March 3, 2008

First Day of Korean High School

The new term has started at my school and everywhere else in Mokpo's public education system. The first thing that I noticed was the subtle shuffle of my previous year; I've swapped one English teacher for another from a neighbouring high school, I've lost some of my memorable students, and I've gain a completely new crop of freshmen and women. And my first day didn't really involve any teaching since it was dominated by a welcoming ceremony and orientations but it was chock full of Koreanism that went unexplained:

  • The class schedule is not finished; the real timetable is TBA
  • The classroom lists (my crucial mug shot sheets) are not finished. Again, TBA.
  • New school equipment like class room computers have not been delivered. Unfortunately we had to ship the old computers out before we left. When will classroom get a computer? TBA.
  • My Internet connection has not be fixed since I reported it broken a couple of weeks ago and I cannot get a definite answer of when it will be working again.
  • My classroom average classroom temperature is 7C
On the positive note I get to start over with the confidence of a battle-hardened veteran. They know that this is my house now:
  • I have made the new freshmen stare at me in awe. They tell me I am handsome.
  • I have made the new freshwomen fall in love with me. They too tell me I am handsome.
And on some other notes:
  • Grade 1 classes are now sex-segregated; it keeps the hormones at bay (I guess) but my worst memories involve the same-sex cliques.
  • I can reuse all of my lessons on the Grade 1s.
  • Since I do my blogging at school, updates will be sporadic until I get my Internet fixed.

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