Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Mokpo School Map

The Mokpo Office of Education website has a list of schools, complete with listings of the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Mokpo, and more importantly a map dotting their locations. Of course if you haven't master Hangul, these list may be more scary than useful. So what can we do?

The data that we need is all there, and we just need to convert it into a useful format. For example, if we translate the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools lists via Google's nifty translation button, we get a better understanding of what exactly is being displayed. But since we have more tools at our disposal, we can go further; if we romanize the data via, translate some of the common words, and map the street addresseses, we get ourselves a quick reference table, listing locations of each school in Mokpo, complete with clickable map link.

Elementary Schools
Mokpo Bukgyo Elementary Schoolbukgyo-dong 1
Mokpo Sanjeong Elementary Schoolsanjeong-dong 34
Mokpo Seobu Elementary Schoolsanjeong-dong 1061-2
Mokpo Jungang Elementary Schoolhonam-dong 463
Mokpo Yudal Elementary Schoolyudal-dong 8
Mokpo Yudal Elementary School Dalli Island Branchchungmu-dong 301
Mokpo Yudal Elementary School Yuldo Branchchungmu-dong 161-1
Mokpo Dong Elementary Schoolsanjeong3-dong 270-1
Mokpo Iro Elementary Schoolyonghae-dong 240-2
Mokpo Nam Elementary Schoolhonam-dong 567
Mokpo Seosan Elementary Schoolseosan-dong 22
Mokpo Seosan Elementary School Chungmu Branchchungmu-dong 38
Mokpo Daeseong Elementary Schooldaeseong-dong 212
Mokpo Yongho Elementary Schoolyongdang2-dong 1028-7
Mokpo Samhag Elementary Schoolsanjeong-dong 1367
Mokpo Yeondong Elementary Schoolsanjeong-dong 1080-4
Mokpo Imseong Elementary Schoolseoghyeon-dong 96-1
Mokpo Daeyeon Elementary Schoolyonghae-dong 631
Mokpo Ognam Elementary Schoologam-dong 236
Mokpo Sangdong Elementary Schoolsang-dong 364
Mokpo Buyeong Elementary Schoologam-dong 1024
Mokpo Hadang Elementary Schoolsang-dong 820
Mokpo Yeonsan Elementary Schoolyeonsan-dong 1270
Mokpo Sinheung Elementary Schoolsang-dong 1017
Mokpo Ceongho Elementary Schoologam-dong 966
Mokpo Hanbic Elementary Schoolsang-dong 887
Mokpo Mihang Elementary Schoologam-dong 1102
Mokpo Seohae Elementary Schoolyeonsan-dong 1271
Mokpo Yonghae Elementary Schoolyonghae-dong 974
Mokpo Seoghyeon Elementary Schoolseoghyeon-dong 1172
Mokpo Hangdo Elementary Schoolsang-dong 264
Mokpo Aehyang Elementary Schoologam-dong 56-1
Gwangju Teachers College's
Mokpo Buseor Elementary School
yonghae-dong 289

Middle Schools
Mokpo Jeil Middle Schoolyonghae-dong 170-5
Mokpo Yudal Middle Schoolsanjeong-dong 2-10
Mokpo Ceongho Middle Schoolyongdang1-dong 970-23
Mokpo Girls Middle Schoolgyeong-dong, 2ga 2
Mokpo Jungan Girls Middle Schoolsang-dong 899
Mokpo Hangdo Girls Middle Schoolsang-dong 327
Mokpo Hadang Middle Schoologam-dong 963
Mokpo Ogam Middle Schoologam-dong 1282
Muntae Middle Schoolyongdang-dong 183
Hongil Middle Schooljuggyo-dong 575-1
Yeongheung Middle Schoolsang-dong 55
Deogin Middle Schooljuggyo-dong 30
Mokpo Jeongmyeong Middle Schoolyang-dong 86
Mokpo Hyein Girls Middle Schooljuggyo-dong 30
Mokpo Yeonghwa Middle Schoolsang-dong 525

High Schools Schools
Mokpo High Schoolyongdang1-dong 970-6
Mokpo Girls High Schooldaeseong-dong 40-1
Mokpo Jeil Girls High Schoologam-dong 983
Jeonnam Jeil High Schoolyongdang1-dong 937-1
Mokpo Gongeob High Schoolyongdang2-dong 171-11
Muntae High Schoolyongdang-dong 383
Mokpo Hongil High Schooljuggyo-dong 575-1
Yeongheung High Schoolsang-dong 55
Mokpo Deogin High Schooljuggyo-dong 30
Mokpo Mariahoe High Schoolyongdang-dong 845
Mokpo Jeongmyeong Girls High Schoolyang-dong 86
Mokpo Hyein Girls High Schooljuggyo-dong 30
Mokpo Girls Sangeob High Schoolsang-dong 525
Mokpo Seongsin High Schoolsang-dong 328
Mokpo Jungang High Schooldaeyang-dong 208

Some notes on the directory:
  • There are 53 dots on the map with 63 schools listed.
  • Not all school street address resolved in a map link.
  • There is some disagreement with the Romanization output of
  • Some schools (especialy the Branch schools) are located outside of mainland Mokpo.
  • Just from experience, I suspect that not all data (i.e. names of schools or streets) is up to date.

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