Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Korean vs. English

I cannot speak Korean.

(And according to the text books that I've seen, I don't speak English all that well either.)

This isn't really a problem at the school where I work since I have a plethora of English teachers who I can magically summon by walking aimless down the hall. But on the odd occasion when I need to talk one of the school staff and my support team is busy with their students or their smokes, I'm in a bit of a bind.

Fortunately there is Google translate and the other language tools on the Internet. Some are viable alternatives to Google and others not so much, but I have a funny feeling that all translation sites use more or less the same engine, much life duff beer, since the translations from English to Korean and vice versa are all far from perfect.

So the only real difference is in the packaging and in the end I usually use Google since it has the direct Korean to English and English to Korean links, the browser button feature, and of course the trademarked minimalistic interface.

For the Korean speaker there's the dictionary at and if you have the Haansoft's Hangul, you should have an English to Korean dictionary, 한컴 사전, installed.

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ALex said...

You can also download a program for your computer called NJStar Communicator that allows you type in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese...but it has a glitch and messes with my French Characters :(

And I use's dictionary.'s just the problem that when a word (like "good") is put into it, and that word has multiple words in Korean...the correct word is never the first in the list (for example, the first one is "착함"...which is 'of good character. Not like "good job!")