Monday, July 9, 2007

The Abandoned School

Almost every patch of free soil in Mokpo is converted into a make-shift garden so it's very surprising to find a school that has been closed and left to deteriorate for a good number of years. This school is known to the local foreigners as the abandoned school.

From what I've gathered, the abandoned school was built during the Japanese occupation of Korea and was Japanese exclusive. After the war it was changed to Mokpo Jeil Girls High School (목포 제일 여자 고등 학교 aka Mokpo Jeil Yeoja Godeung Hakkyo), but eventually the school moved over into its current location in Ha-dang and no one has been back since.

The closest land mark is the Mount Yudal Post Office (유달우체국 aka Yudal San Ucheguk) and is useful for unconfusing taxi drivers who insist on taking you to Ha-dang.

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