Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Google Reader

I've had some questions about my blog roll, that list of blogs in the side column of the page. Mine is different and some people like it and want to use the same style. Unfortunately I can't take credit for the style since the blog roll is generated by my Google Reader account.

Since I set this blog up I've come to fully embrace our Google overlords. I search with Google, I blog with Google, I translate with Google, I even schedule, map, mail, and chat with Google,
and thanks to $1.65Bn I now use Google to watch naughty videos. I'm starting to wonder if I have a problem -- I mean with Google, not with watching naughty videos. And of course, I use Google Reader as my news reader to keep track of other blog-sandboxes that deal with with Mokpo, Seoul, and other parts of Korean life.

As a news reader in itself Google Reader is okay and has some faults. But it works well for me since I'm a big fan of thin client computing; I use the same application over multiple computers during the course of the day and don't want the hassle of re-synching (or re-installing) every time I log on. Another feature (and the one that connects Google Reader to my side panel) is the 'add a blogroll to your site' function that spits out code that you can add to a blank panel in your blog layout. The only extra work that I've done is to organize blogs into various categories by tagging them with labels, like Mokpo, Korea, Seoul, etc.

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trixyone said...

dude. i've been using google reader for ages. why aren't we friends there? why aren't you sharing with me!?!??!? jerk. miss you.