Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mokpo to Incheon Airport Bus

Escaping Mokpo by bus often leads to escaping Korea by plane and thanks to the Mokpo to Inchean Airport express bus, it's super easy and confortable.

The bus itself is amazing and is a perfect symbol of Korean Komfort, the Korean desire for comfortable living in all aspects of life. It is a full length passenger bus outfitted with plenty of leg room thanks to the igneous idea to only use 3 seats per row. The seats themselves are comparable to those in first class air travel; all seats are fully reclinable, equipped with foot rest and plenty of space to curl up and fall back asleep.

There are actually two Mokpo to Inchean buses, both operated by Kumho and sheduled on the Express Bus Lines Association's Kobus site:

  • The 2:30 am bus.
  • The 9:00 am bus.
As scary as it sounds, the 2:30 am option is extremely popular with both the locals and the foreigners since, all things considered, this is the main artery to Seoul's International Airport and all of its day flights. Purchase tickets well in advance, either by navigating through the Korean part of the Kobus site and using a Korean credit card or by visiting the ticket counter at the Mokpo Bus Station.

If you do find yourself out of luck, your closest option is to catch a cross-country bus to Gwangju and take one of the many airport bus running out of that station, discoverable via the same Kobus trip planner.

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Lory Anne said...

hi, i am going to Mokpo from Incheon Int'l Airport. can i ride this bus scheduled at 6:20pm?
hope to hear from you.
thanks very much.