Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mokpo Movie Theaters

Searching the Internet for movies in Mokpo will probably lead you to Mokpo Harbor, Gangster’s Paradise, the only film in the world to actually feature (let alone mention) Mokpo. However, a quick search of 목포시네마 (Mokpo Cinema) on Naver gives the following collection of theaters:

Movie TheatersStreet Address
CGV Mokpo sang-dong 892
Joongang Cinema namgyo-dong 70-1
Lotte Cinema sang-dong 1129-6
Mega Line Mokposang-dong 980-1
Primus Cinemasang-dong 860-1
CGV and Lotte are your best bet for English movies, even though they tend to be of the blockbluster variety that can afford an opening half way around the world.

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Jocelyn Wright said...

Thanks for sharing this info! I had been trying to track it down, but with limited success.