Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pizza in Mokpo

Pizza is slightly different here. It's still edible but Korea has taken the traditional American dish and added its own signature flavors:

And yes, Mokpo has a Pizza Hut; it's scaringly international. Even though some may see it a small reminder of food back home I (and others) continue to see Pizza Hut as nothing less then everything that is wrong with America.

Fortunately there's tons of competition around Mokpo in both the franchise and mom & pop pizza shops. The Internet provides some informative reviews along with a lot of blog entries but so far my favorite is 시장피자 (aka Sijang Pizza). It is a chain but it's got a few things going for it:
  1. It's run by a mom and pop.
  2. Mom and pop make pretty good vegetarian pizza.
  3. It's within walking distance from my apartment.


trixyone said...

those look pretty tasty!

Peter said...

Thanks for the link!